Training - Single Engine Instrument Rating (IFR)

PFC Aerial

Pacific Flying Club offers a Single Engine Instrument course based on 20 hours of aircraft simulator work, plus an additional 10-20 hours of actual flight instruction in a single engine aircraft. The amount of actual flight time required will depend on the student?s experience and level of training. Additionally, the Club provides a Ground School program in preparation for a written exam administered by Transport Canada. A written exam and flight test is required. Students must hold a PPL and 50 hours PIC cross-country time.

The Pacific Flying Club uses a Elite FTD, 2007 Level 5 Al Sim, Full Motion Redbird FTD and Cessna 172s in its single-engine IFR program.

Simulator Options
20 Hours dual Elite FTD instruction @ $130/hour  $2,600
20 hours dual Redbird full motion simulator                  @ $160/hour    $3,200
20 hours dual Al Sim FTD instruction @ $210/hour $4,200
Costs based on 20 hours dual instruction @ $203/hour $4,060
Costs based on 15 hours dual instruction @ $203/hour $3,045
Costs based on 10 hours dual instruction @ $203/hour $2,030

Ground Briefings
IFR Ground School   $450
Transport Canada Written Examination      $35
Transport Canada Licencing Fees and Flight Test    $460
Books, maps and supplies    $100

Ground briefing requirements are strictly based on the instructor?s evaluation of the student?s progress. Ground briefing time is charged at a rate of $54/hour. Prices subject to change. (Effective April 21, 2016)