US Procedures Seminar


Flights to the US are not that difficult as long as you know the electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) procedures and regulations, and the differences that apply to civil aviation in the US and Canada. Information on the procedures for entering the US and also flying back into Canada are presented. Differences between Canada and the US as they relate to you as a pilot will be presented. Some of the topics to be covered are eAPIS procedures, points of entry and departure, CANPASS procedures for returning to Canada, Flight Following, Flight Watch, US Flight Plans, special use airspace, TFR's, required weather briefings, differences between Canadian and US Charts, places to fly in the US, runway markings, etc. We also discuss how to obtain a US Airman's Certificate based on your Canadian Pilots Licence.

The seminar is intended for those who are about to obtain the US Cross Border Check Ride, or for those who have already done the Check Ride and are interested in brushing up your skills and/or learning more about US procedures.