Ben Hoben Safety Seminar


The Ben Hoben Safety Seminar has been awarded the 2001 Back & Bevington Safety Award for British Columbia to pay tribute to the establishment of this seminar by Ben's family. The seminar was established by Ben's family and Pacific Flying Club. Ben was a fifteen year old student pilot who died tragically November 20, 1999 in a mid-air collision in Surrey, British Columbia. He had completed his Recreational Pilot Permit flight test and was looking forward to being licenced as an RPP on his 16th birthday. He was an enthusiastic pilot whose loss is felt profoundly by all who knew him.

The yearly safety seminar will be Ben's legacy to aviation. The seminar will remind all pilots that they must continually strive to improve both their own piloting skills and situational awareness.

The 16th Annual Ben Hoben Safety Seminar will be held at Pacific Flying Club. There is no charge for this important day. Space is limited and preregistration is required by contacting PFC dispatch to confirm attendance.

It is the wish of Ben's family that this yearly seminar be accorded the importance and stature it demands so that Ben's legacy is one of improving safety and pilot's skill sets and situational awareness training.