Advanced Airmanship Seminar


This seminar is the ground portion of the Advanced Airmanship program. It covers the background and theory of flight of various maneuvers. The intent of this program is to allow pilots to develop their skills beyond those of the PPL and even the CPL. Topics covered in this seminar are;

  • Precision Speed Changes
  • Rolling on a fixed heading
  • Slipping on a fixed heading
  • 30, 45, and 60 degree banked turns
  • Full envelope level flight
  • Uncoordinated climbing turning stall
  • Precision forced approach
  • Spins to a desired heading
  • Precautionary Landings

"What I really liked about the Advanced Airmanship was not only do you practice skills taught in flight training but learn new skills to enhance your flying.  The training allowed use of a variety of aircraft with different configurations instruments and radios  As I took my Commercial license in the 70's the flight test did not have 180 power off approach so again a new skill.   IF YOU ARE FEELING RUSTY OR SIMPLY WANT TO ENHANCE YOUR FLYING SKILLS, THIS MAYBE JUST WHAT YOU NEED!"  
-Ken Holmberg

The Seminar will give you a much greater understanding of what an airplane does during various flight maneuvers, and how to make the airplane do what "you" want it to. The follow-on to this seminar is the Air Exercises segment where participants are assigned to specially selected instructors, and you proceed through the air exercises at your own pace.