Training - Multi Engine Rating


The Multi Engine Rating offered by the Pacific Flying Club follows the guidelines set out in the Transport Canada Canadian Aviation Regulations and the Multi-Engine Flight Test Guide. The program consists of an estimated 7 hours of Dual Multi instruction in a Twin Piper Seneca I aircraft. The suggested time will vary depending on the student's ability and previous experience. A flight test is required. A Pilot Licence is a prerequisite of the rating.

Members wishing to pursue a Multi Engine Rating should contact Marcel Gimenez

Aircraft (Twin Seneca I) 7 hours Dual @ $354/hour $2,478
Ground School Tutorial 4 hours  @ $58/hour $232
Multi Engine Study Guide and Aircraft SOP's   $50
Multi ride examiner fee      $425
Transport Canada Multi endorsement fee & AP fee    $75
Total Multi-Engine Rating Estimated Cost   $3,260

Fuel surcharges will apply where fuel exceeds the base rate. Prices subject to change.(Effective March 23, 2017)