Training - Multi Engine Instrument Rating

PFC simulator

The Multi Engine Instrument Rating offered by the Pacific Flying Club follows the guidelines set out in the Transport Canada Canadian Aviation Regulations. The course is based on both simulator and actual instrument flight time in a multi-engine aircraft. The student will receive 20 hours of dual instruction in a 2007 Level 5 Al Sim FTD, 2010 Full Motion Redbird FTD, or PFC Elite, plus 20 hours of multi-engine instrument instruction in a Piper Seneca I aircraft equipped with Garmin 430 GPS. The amount of actual instrument instruction will vary depending on the student's ability and level of experience. Members wishing to pursue a Multi-IFR Rating should contact Marcel Gimenez at the Club. Prerequisites include a Private Pilot Licence. Students must hold a Multi Engine Rating and 50 hours PIC cross country time prior to doing a M-IFR flight test. Fuel surcharges will apply where fuel exceeds the base rate.

Simulator Options
Redbird Full Motion FTD 20 hours @ $162/hour $3,240
Al Sim Level 5 FTD 20 hours @ $221/hour (GPS Training) $4,420
Al Sim AL-250 20 hours @ $186/hour  $3,720

Other Costs

Aircraft (Piper Seneca I) 20 hours dual @ $354/hour $7,080
Ground Briefings 10 hours  @ $58/hour $580
IFR Written Exam Seminar    $450
IFR Course Materials    $125
Transport Canada written fee $35
IFR ride examiners fee    $425
Transport Canada endorsement & AP fees $75

Prices subject to change. (Effective March 23, 2017)