Training - Instrument Rating Renewals

PFC simulator

Your Instrument Rating Renewal can be completed in the aircraft or one of our simulators. A renewal of a Group 1 (multi engine) instrument rating can be done in either our Level 5 ALSIM FTD or Full Motion Redbird FTD. If you wish to renew your Group 3 (single engine) instrument rating, the Full Motion Redbird FTD must be used. The amount of instruction will vary depending on the pilot's ability and level of experience. Most pilots require about 5hrs of simulator time prior to the flight test. The flight test can be challenged at any time; no letter-of-recommend is required.

For renewals that have expired for less then 24 months, only a flight test will be needed to renew the rating. If your rating has been expired for more then 24 months, the INRAT exam must be rewritten prior to the flight test.  In-house practice INRAT exams are available for pilots who have commenced training sessions. 

Pilots wishing to pursue a Renewal should contact Marcel Gimenez at the Club. Our experience with foreign licensed pilots makes renewing a Canadian instrument rating easy.  Please note pilots wishing to upgrade their license to an Airline Transport License (ATPL) must complete the renewal flight test in an aircraft as per the Canadian Aviation Regulations 421.34.

Number of hours will be based on pilot's competencies

Simulator Options
Redbird Full Motion FTD 5 hours $162/hr $810
Al Sim AL250 5 hours $186/hr $930
Al Sim Level 5 FTD (GPS training) $221/hr $1,150


Simulator for Flight Test 1.5 hour  $331.50
Ground Briefings 2 hours   @ $58/hour  $116
IFR Maps and Charts   $35
Other Costs
IFR ride examiners fee    $425
Transport Canada endorsement & AP fees $75

Prices subject to change. See the "Rate" page under "Members" for the most up to date price list. (Effective March 23, 2017)