Training - Instructor Rating

PFC pilot
Tuition Costs (based on training in C-172)
25 Hours dual instruction                  @ $215/hour $5,375
5 Hours Dual Al Sim instruction @ $229/hour $1,145
25 Hours Ground Briefing plus notes & supplies      $1,725
Total   $8,245
Incidental Costs
Flight Test, written examination fees and licence processing. $345
Total Cost  $8,590

Students must hold a Commercial Licence and Category 1 Medical. Students are advised that the Instructor Rating requires extensive study and preparation. Students who are not prepared for each briefing will find that their costs increase if they come to briefings unprepared. Rates include the premium for a Class 1 Instructor with training conducted in a C-172. Fuel surcharges may be applied where the price of fuel exceeds the base rate.

Prices subject to change. (Effective March 23, 2017)