Training - Commercial Pilot Ground School

PFC Groundschool

Ground school is a mandatory requirement for a Commercial Pilot Licence.

The Pacific Flying Club's CPL Ground School consists of 80 hours on instruction. Pacific Flying Club members have a choice of attending in person or online... or a combination of both. Topics covered include theory of flight, flight instruments, airframes and engines, flight operations, air law, pilot decision-making, meteorology, and navigation.

Once ground school is completed, students will write a practice exam in order to obtain a Letter of Recommendation to write the Transport Canada exam.

To qualify to write the CPL Transport Canada written exam, candidates must hold a PPL, a valid Category 1 medical, a minimum of 100 hours total flying time, completed ground school, and have a letter of recommendation from the school.

CPL Ground School Options:

Classroom ($395)
Tuesday & Thursday evenings  6:30 pm – 9:30 pm at the Club (Check calendar for next ground school start date)

Online ($395)
Online students get unlimited online access for a period of 9 months. The online course covers all required subjects. This method is popular with candidates who are unable to commit to scheduled lessons or wish to study at their own speed.

Both Classroom and Online Ground School ($595)
Many will opt to do both and attend the sessions where they feel the benefit of an instructor and interaction with others will assist them.

Prices subject to change.