Government student loans are available to qualified students in the Commercial Pilot Licence program, Multi-IFR program and Instructor program.

There are no government student loans available for the Private Pilot Licence.

For a government student loan a Commercial Pilot student must be enrolled in full-time study and submit a copy of their Private Pilot Licence, plus Category 1 Medical with the application. For further information, please contact Pat Kennedy at the Club.

The Club recommends that students pursuing private financing consider a Student Line of Credit set up through a bank or credit union to ensure they are paying for only the funds utilized. We have found this is a more economical source of financing than a conventional loan where the funds are advanced up front. The Pacific Flying Club, through the Royal Bank of Canada, has established a Student Line of Credit.

All flying is on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no requirement for large deposits up front.